Well! Who doesn’t want some more money when they are selling their house? Read on to find some simple tips that one can undertake to improve the value of your home.  These are small investments that will have a major impact on your home’s worth when you are ready to sell.

Keep It in the Kitchen

A report conducted by the Consumer Reports found that the latest surge of millennial first-time buyer is looking for a “modern/updated kitchen”, as one of the most important features when purchasing a home. There is no need to gut your kitchen to make notable improvements. But, smaller investments towards new appliances, countertops and flooring can really make an impact on its overall value.

The Basement Below

In an annual survey conducted by Remodeling Magazine, the average return on basement renovation project averaged approximately 75 cents on the dollar. Basement space as ‘Double Flex’ rooms can be utilized for multiple purposes. Keep the space as open and bright as possible by using artificial lighting to create a warmer ambiance. Avoid covering HVAC and electrical panels as these are difficult for contractors to access.

The Outdoor Oasis

An investment of around $400 – $500 dollars in landscaping can give a return of return of four times the investment, at least. Overgrown shrubs and trees and tangled greenery can limit views, darken the interior of the home, encourage mould growth, and put an overall damper on a buyer’s vision. Buyer’s may see a poorly maintained yard as a sign of an unkept home, even if it is not true.

“Brush” Up on Your Painting Skills

Something as simple as a coat of paint can really make an impact when you are ready to sell.  There is no need to spend thousands of dollars in getting the entire structure repainted. Focusing on just the high-traffic areas like the hallways, kitchen, bathrooms and doors is usually enough. Keep the colour scheme simple; neutral earth tones appeal to all buyers.

Happy Selling!