You don’t need to fork out a wad of cash to spruce up your home before putting it on the market. In fact, home staging can be one of the most effective ways to appeal to the buyers with the least amount of resources.

A survey conducted by Coldwell Banker found that staged homes, those purposefully decorated with the intentions of enticing buyers, often sell in half the time that non-staged properties do.

Transform your home into a buyer favourite with these simple staging tips to appeal to the largest pool of buyers possible.

Start from the Street

Staging your home begins right at your curb. Buyers may scour a neighborhood and drive-by potential homes before requesting a showing. The exterior of your home will hold a lasting impression on a buyer. Make sure your front yard is visually appealing, regardless of the season.
In the winters, ensure pathways and driveways are clear. Adding small potted evergreen shrubs can bring an additional curb appeal. During summers, make sure patios and pathways are clear of debris, trees and shrubs pruned and the lawn well-kept and weed free.


Depersonalizing can make the difference. When staging your house for potential buyers, try to view the space from the eyes of the buyers. Buyers may get distracted by the images of your family and friends. Besides, removing personal items like family photos, trophies, relics, knickknacks, religious items, etc., from your home décor creates a neutral environment, ultimately painting a blank canvas for the buyers to look and imagine their lives in those rooms.

Don’t Be Afraid to Move Furniture

Allow yourself to move furniture and accessories around and open up the space. This will encourage buyers to see rooms as having more potential, multifunctional and as “double duty” spaces.

For example, your grandfather’s antique armchair may have sat in the living room for years but tucking it under an alcove or nook with a small table and lamp can instantly create a cozy reading spot.

Pay Attention to Your Windows

Natural light is your home’s best feature. Sunlight will instantly make any room appear larger. Remove heavy drapery and dated window treatments that may dim a room. If privacy isn’t an issue, keep the windows completely bare. Keep curtains tied back, especially during viewing and open houses.

Add Living Plants

Greenery adds flair and style to any home.  Plants have been proven to be mood elevators and can leave a positive impact on the buyer’s mind when he is touring your home. Some popular plants include snake plants, ferns and cactus.

Clear the air and remove harmful air pollutants caused by cleaning agents and synthetic materials in the home.

Following these simple tips can go a long way for a person who wants to sell his house without spending thousands on refurbishment and décor changes.

Happy Selling!